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3750 W. Quail Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118        Tel: 702-736-4542*800 795-4825* Fax: 702-736-4551
EMAIL: **WEB:          NV License#53369*Limit $3.2 million/NV License #58861*Limit $3.2 million
                                                              CA License #855755 * AZ #207238

       Celebrating our ten year anniversary in 2006, Ital Stone is proud and honored to look back at the growth it has made since its seedling days of opening in 1996. Structured very well, and accompanied by more then capable personnel, the company has been able to flourish as a small business and has allowed this flourishing to happened relatively fast. ItalStone has gone from just a small marble supplier to a fully licensed, multi-million dollar corporation that not only supplies, but fabricates and installs as a contractor in just ten years. The caliber of work that is presented to us now has also evolved accordingly. For example high-rise condos and government jobs like the McCarren airport, vs. small residential kitchens and bathrooms that provided major work in our past. Now, with the expansion of every department in the company as well as new technology and new positions. The structure that lead the company to its' evolution from a small stone shop importing mainly from Italy to an all-in-one powerhouse dealing with all aspects of stone, has solidified our stand amongst the competition. Our knowledge in what we do makes us confident, and our confidence goes hand in hand with our capability to deliver a quality and standard of work paralleled only by the stone work found in Italy itself.

       It has been a pleasure introducing ourselves to you and we happily invite you to visit our showroom and stock-yard over an espresso on us. We thank you for your consideration and interest and look forward to serving you.

       "Your friends in the stone business"

       Ital Stone. Inc.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops
3/4 Polished Granite Slab
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